High-class holiday homes in Thailand and Finnish Lappland by Justrak

Welcome to Pyhätunturi “Holy Hill” Lapland
Address: Laavutie 13 and 15, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland
(two separate cabins 2 x 110m2, both 8-12sleeps. All comforts)

Pyhätunturi (the “Holy Hill”) is known of excellent ski slopes, ski trail network and unique national park, where you can admire the beauty and diversity of the nature, in unprecedented silence, in all seasons.

The cabins are situated app. 1,5km distance from Pyhä Skiing Center, where all necessary services like; shopping center, restaurants, hotels and ski lifts are situated.
Transition track, just 15m behind the cabins, leads to illuminated ski trails.
Pyhä offers activities round the year. Four seasons differ dramatically from each other; from freezing winter with plenty of snow and “magic” blue darkness, to amazing summer with mid night sun and sometimes tropic high temperature close to +30 Centigrade. Spring time (March- April) offers mild temperature and excellent skiing conditions. During the fall, when the summer gives up to the autumn, the whole area turns to colorful play of the nature.

Finally, when arriving to the cabin you really can say good bye for everyday problems; Lighten open fire, prepare yourself for nice sauna bath, or just calm down for your well earned holiday.
After calmed down, having reloaded your batteries, it’s time for activities offered by ski center and surrounding services.
Just be free to feel PYHÄ atmosphere and be gentle for yourself.


  • First floor; 2 x bedrooms with double bed, toilet, kitchen living room and sauna department.
  • Second floor; 2 x small bedroom with double bed + hall with two double beds.
  • Kitchen is equipped with all necessary like; dish for 12 persons, electric stove, dish washer, micro oven, electric kettle, coffee machine, etc…
  • In living room, TV/DVD, fireplace, (wireless internet trough 4G network with “stick”)
  • Sauna room for 4 persons at time, shower room, and dressing room with washing machine.
  • Blankets, pillows and bed linen for 8 persons.
  • Electrical heating radiators in all rooms, gold and hot tap water (drinkable)
  • Option! Outdoor HOT TUB for 4-6 persons (due to the safety regulations, usage of TUB must be agreed in advance and must be controlled by local service company.)

Please, let us know in advance if you want to use Hot Tub, since usage of TUB will be charged separately by local house service company.

Ruskaa Laavutiellä


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